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Student Recruitment

Hope University College shall have full time day study program and part-time evening study program.

During the day program, the university college shall target two types of applicants for admission.  These are needy applicants under the assistance of the Ladders of Hope of Hope Enterprises and other needy applicants from various high schools in Ethiopia who shall be admitted on sponsorships or student loans and other applicants that qualify from anywhere else in Ethiopia and in the rest of Africa on a full fee pre-payment basis. During the evening, the university college shall admit fee payers.
Admissions Criteria

The admission criteria for anyone applying to the diploma or degree program shall be:
Minimum Requirements:         

  • a completed application form
  • An official record of all high school and certificate of graduation from schools that are accredited as preparatory high schools by the Ministry of Education or the equivalent.
  • Satisfactory performance on the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE) as certified by the Ministry of Education or any other accredited school leaving examination.

Additional Requirements:

  • Satisfactory score on the Competency Test of Hope University College and
  • Satisfactory performance in the admission interview and
  • Minimum fulfillment of the student profile as assessed by the designated selection committee.

In as much as the university college is interested to draw students that are serious about getting the most out of their opportunities and to help develop youngsters with capacities that can handle challenging scholarship, successful completion of high school and a passing grade on a recognized school leaving examination are not enough to ferret out those candidates that can best fit the challenges and demands that the university college poses.  Hence, Hope University College shall use its own competency test and admission interview from those who meet the minimum requirements as means to recruit students that show the most potential to succeed.


Address for Admissions:

The Registrar
Hope University College
P. O. Box 12382
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone: 0118 959238, 0118 959239, 0111 573427
E-mail: hopeuc_dl@yahoo.com

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