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Dear visitors to our website,

The inspiration of Hope Enterprise founders that was embedded in helping people in need to help themselves is still as alive and burning in our hearts, as it was with the founders. We strongly believe that the founders wanted to adhere to the words of Psalm 41:1. For long time indeed, this has been carried out rather with stern commitment to be available for those in need.

The mission of service is life long. As there are humans in any habitat, there are always those in need of this or that. Since they are only victims of circumstances, not of their own, they should be accorded with due attention from those in better shape.

At Hope College of Business, Science and Technology, we try to provide higher education for those who meet the minimum requirements set by educational authorities. As a non-profit institution, we make efforts to admit those aspirants coming from the poorer families. With special thanks to our donors, we have been able to empower close to 200 graduates thus far. They are already playing their roles in the society they belong.

We will continue to do the right thing. The only limiting factor is   shortage of funds. Thus, to all those who come across this site, we solicit their generosities. Help us help the helpless!

The saying from an anonymous source goes ” We succeed at our best when we help the helpless succeed”. Special thanks go to those who adhere to this saying.

Teketel Forssido (Ambassador)


Teketel Forssido
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