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HOPE University College Charter (pdf)


Knowing that with the rapid change of knowledge, an institution of excellence is needed not only to teach what has been gained but also to take part in the generation of knowledge;

Noting that in an increasingly complex and demanding world it has become incumbent for an ancient country like Ethiopia to develop leaders who can relate to the best of the past with the challenges and opportunities of the future through the celebration of achievements on one hand and capacity for initiatives and innovation in personal, professional and public lives on the other;

Realizing that more than ever before, both national and global communities have a growing need for value-adding professionals, and it has become necessary to provide competency-based education;

Appreciating the relevance of value education in the nurture and transmission of our cherished values and in engendering passion and commitment for service beyond oneself, and for the kind of beneficence that defines success in terms of one’s role in the advancement of others;

Cognizant of the stance that the application of knowledge in particularly our developing context is as pivotal as the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake;

Believing that education has to also address the needs of the environment in view of the evident interdependence between man and nature and the vast distance that we have to cover in restoring the right balance in this regard to sustain meaningful and happy lives;

Aware about the special place of student-centered education, and holistic student development, in helping to bring about the kind of character, confidence and knowledgeability that we need for a viable, competitive and self renewing  human capital;

Being cognizant of the prime role of education in redressing poverty after many years of work with the marginalized, and of our responsibility to avail access to quality education to needy but bright people as a way not only to help them overcome their helplessness but also to address the causes of hopelessness;

The Board of Hope Enterprises has therefore issued this charter to govern the affairs of Hope University College as a public service to society and as knowledge and values based center to develop leadership for a world of hope.  

HOPE University College Charter (pdf)

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