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Student and Graduate Profiles

Student Profile

A person wishing to join Hope University College shall have the following profile:

  1. Intellectual readiness and success in fulfilling the admission requirements of the university college.
  2. Passion for academic achievement and commitment to maximally utilize one’s opportunities in the university college.
  3. Willingness to live by the intellectual demands, personal care, restraint and  discipline, interpersonal maturity and student code of ethics set by the university college.
  4. A generalized or definite purpose for one’s interest to attend Hope University College and potential in meeting the requirements set and in using the knowledge indicated for the purposes identified.
  5. An openness to change through learning, adaptation and evolvement casting aside old habits and attitudes that are not so constructive and taking on new values that are positive, fulfilling, enlightening and full of hope. 
  6. While in the university college, willingness to commit oneself to learning and to keep away from activities that go counter to this purpose.
  7. A willingness to be coached and mentored by those appointed to do so.
  8. A willingness to be transparent and honest about one’s problems and to seek support without delay.
  9. A willingness to interact with others with respect and consideration and to avoid behavior that may infringe or disturb others.

Graduate Profile

A graduate from Hope University College shall have the following profile:

1. Capable for Self Development

  • Would assume responsibility for personal growth- intellectual, psycho-social and physical benefiting from all areas of the university college’s community.
  • Is open to learning from all sources and exercises tolerance and respect for divergent points of view.
  • Committed to the pursuit of excellence in all areas, realizing that learning is an on-going process worthy of life-long commitment and sparing no time from knowing, reflection, analysis, experimentation and innovation.
  • Thinks independently and communicates effectively.
  • Has a well developed sense of curiosity and an endemic passion for new and better milestones.

2. Intellectually Competent

  • Masters the academic program well enough to be competitive in one’s professional role and to engage in further and ongoing learning in the ever demanding world of a knowledge-based civilization. 
  • Demonstrates the ability to think critically, analytically and creatively and to develop an eclectic capacity in solving problems being faced.
  • Demonstrates effective written, oral, technological, and collaborative communication skills and possess the foundation knowledge necessary for successfully pursuing an academic discipline in advanced education;
  • Demonstrates the ability to synthesize information from diverse sources and use that information to evaluate issues of contemporary life and apply in
    one’s professional and personal roles.
  • Is intellectually and professionally competent enough to make a positive difference where one works and or learns.
  • Develops interest in a certain line of culture with an appreciation of and commitment to the support of the same.

3. Ethically Integrated

  • Possesses moral integrity and sensitivity and is eager to share one’s talents And means for the betterment of society through continuing and unconditional service to others.
  • Integrates fitting personal and community values to one’s intellectual asset, professional, interpersonal and community life.
  • Develops a capacity to evaluate one’s thoughts and actions by one’s values and adjusts to one’s inner voice of ethical integrity.
  • Develops an appreciation for the standpoints, beliefs and values of others and is open to accept and even celebrate differences.
  • Guides one’s life by concern for others and maintains a service attitude Yielding self to public interest and seeing one’s success in terms of one’s
    positive impact on others.
  • Demonstrates the ability to form healthy relationships and make mature lifestyle decisions.
  • Overcomes personal prejudices and stereotypes and acts as a person in tune with others.
  • Harmonizes one’s personal life with one’s public image and in so doing becomes a role model.
  • Is environmentally friendly standing and acts for the protection, restoration and reuse of the natural environment for the benefit of both the human community and nature.

4. Leaderly

  • Demonstrates outstanding leadership skills, including integrity, vision, creativity, a strong work ethic and the ability to gain trust and cooperation from others.
  • Speaks honestly and persuasively handling criticism with emotional maturity and showing an ability to influence others through tolerance, patience, respect, knowledge and capacity to listen as well as flexibility to be influenced by others.
  • Is a pacesetter in one’s endeavors registering ongoing heights in one’s personal and professional life using one’s achievements and being open to risks as opposed to retreating to the comfort of security.
  • Adds value in one’s place of employment and/or engagement and is open to constant self confrontation when one is in a rut.
  • Is humble and interacts with all including the marginalized with equal interest, respect, consideration and an attitude of service.

5. A Balanced Life

  • Maintains a balanced life with intellectual, psycho social and physical soundness. 
  • Has the capacity to balance the personal with the social and cultural.
  • Maintains few but important interests so as to enrich one’s life and influence others in a similar way.
  • Demonstrates enough flexibility to manage complexities in life without being of negative consequence to others.
  • Maintains a balanced world view that comes from a well rounded knowledge, appreciation of diversity and tolerance.
  • Maintains a happy balance between knowledge and application or theory and practice and channels learning energies for a purpose driven life.
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