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Financial Aid

Primary Target

The primary target of the college is needy but bright applicants.

Need is ascertained by a committee constituted of local government agencies and representatives from the poorest of the poor. One’s brightness is assessed in terms of one’s outstanding performance in school and student profile as a motivated and purpose driven person to use the opportunities of education available.

Selections will be posted for community review to ensure that no one of means tries to exploit the opportunity that is available for needy youngsters. Financial aid covers the costs of tuition. It may be offered semesterly or partially and is not a right but a privilege to the needy provided there is funding.

The college shall do its best to find sponsorships to cover tuition expenses for those considered to be needy and bright.  Those for whom sponsors have not been found, arrangements of student loan may be made provided a student signs to a loan and is committed to pay back the loan as per an agreement and there is seed funding to enable the coverage of expenses until loan recovery.

Needy students are also encouraged to come up with their own sponsors like other NGOs, companies, governmental agencies and individuals. Textbooks shall be loaned each semester with recovery deposits for lost or damaged books.

The college shall figure out the financial gap for financial aid by matching available funding with student financial needs.  This data shall then be used to tap what can be gained from fee payers.

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